Santa Rosa Symphony Staff Directory

Alan Silow
President and CEO
707-546-7097 x213
email: Alan Silow

Timothy L. Beswick
Director of Artistic Operations
707-546-7097 x211
email: Timothy L. Beswick

Judy Bruce
Director of Finance & Administration
707-546-7097 x215
email: Judy Bruce

Sara Mitchell
Director of Marketing & Public Relations
707-546-7097 x218
email: Sara Mitchell

Ben Taylor
Director of Development
707-546-7097 x214
email: Ben Taylor

Wendy Cilman
Director of Education
707-546-7097 x220
email: Wendy Cilman

Enid Rickley-Myres
Donor Liaison / Executive Assistant
707-546-7097 x223
email: Enid Rickley-Myres

Nathan Duckworth
Development Associate
707-546-7097 x229
email: Nathan Duckworth

Matt Payne
Youth Ensembles Manager
707-546-7097 x216
email: Matt Payne

Christina Penrose
Simply Strings Coordinator
707-546-7097 x219
email: Christina Penrose

Jane Shelly
Education Outreach Coordinator
707-546-7097 x225
email: Jane Shelly

Brenda Fox
Patron Services Manager
707-546-7097 x210
email: Brenda Fox

Ann Hutchinson
Marketing Associate
707-546-7097 x222
email: Ann Hutchinson

Bora Kim
Patron Services Associate
email: Bora Kim

Karen Zimmerman
Orchestra Librarian
707-546-7097 x212
email: Karen Zimmerman

Dave Badella
Stage Manager

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Santa Rosa Symphony
Administrative Office:
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Santa Rosa, CA 95404
Administration: 707.546.7097

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M-F - 9 am – 5:00 pm,
W – 10:30 am – 5:00 pm
Patron Services: 707.546.8742